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iEnergy goals

As a pan-European educational and awareness raising digital platform, iENERGY can provide interested parties (esp. power sector organisations; smart energy project leaders or partners involved in communication, promotion or dissemination activities; science and educational community, and other) with:

  • comprehensive integration of their project's goals, activities and results in the Ecosystem of Energy Flexibility and Energy Security, which allows interested citizens (students, the academic community, policy makers, the media) a broader understanding of “Why do we need this project?”,
  • big-picture content-supported promotion of concrete project results, incl. key project data and message, explained in lay terms, through video-recorded statements of project leaders and partners, with links to existing promotional video and other material, by preparing topical iENERGY webinars etc.,
  • energy project's data analyzed with Big-data & AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools with the aim to discover and interpret key connections among:
    • energy projects involved (their topics and issues, organisations involved, goals etc.),
    • science & research & industry community endeavours on Energy Flexibility and Energy Security issues (who researches what, works with whom etc.),
    • geo-spatial implications of Energy Flexibility and Energy Security issues (which topics are researched and discussed in which parts of Europe or globally, how this fits into their energy supply situation etc.).

Please let us know your ideas, suggestions and needs regarding the development of iENERGY, a European digital educational and awareness raising platform on Energy Flexibility and Energy Security.

Let's develop and live the iENERGY platform together!


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