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Active demand response


  • Consumers go from being a passive load on the grid to playing an active role in the energy market.
  • With flexible supply and demand, they contribute to the reliable operation of the power system.
  • They are financially rewarded for providing their flexibility.

Small consumer: from being a passive load to playing an active role in the market

Advanced devices and services that enable active demand response or generation from small, household consumers are fundamentally changing the role of an individual as an electricity consumer.

From being considered a passive load on the grid, the consumer is evolving into an active player in the power market who can help relieve the system by using electricity flexibly.

Financial reward for demand response

The consumers involved in demand response programmes can influence the decisions about when and how they will adjust their power consumption and distributed renewable power generation to contribute to grid reliability.

Consumers are financially rewarded for their flexibility in the energy market, for instance by paying a lower price for the power consumed in off-peak periods.


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