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Grid stability


Name of the project


Logo webEU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


To expand the scope of the so-called secondary frequency control from generation (conventional large power plants) to advanced consumers, and provide for the internationalisation of such activities.

Main challenge

The partners of the FutureFlow project are exploring new solutions for balancing the electricity system and managing flows in the European power grid. If, for instance, there is an unexpected imbalance between electricity supply and demand in Slovenia, the results of the FutureFlow project will help advanced consumers from Slovenia or any other country, for instance Hungary or Romania, to rise to this challenge.


Benefits for consumers

The main benefit for consumers is a secure supply of high quality electricity.

Additionally, as the target group addressed by the FutureFlow project, advanced users will be capable of increasing or reducing consumption in a matter of seconds, thus performing the functions now fulfilled mainly by conventional hydro or fossil fuel-based thermal power plants.

This will turn consumers into active energy players. As their activity will help maintain grid stability, consumers will be financially rewarded.

Project partners: 12 partners from 8 European countries, including 4 TSOs, research institutions, tech companies, and 2 power traders. All of them are leading organisations in their respective fields in terms of the technologies and services they offer to their customers.

Valued at EUR 13 million, the project is funded from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project is coordinated by the Slovenian TSO, ELES.

More information about the project: Eles and FutureFlow

The subsection Network: Grid stability was created in collaboration with:
Jurij Klančnik
Jurij Klančnik
Director, TSO Division, ELES, d.o.o.

Jurij Klančnik works at ELES as the Transmission System Operation Director. His main areas of expertise include power system operation and electricity markets, particularly in relation to cross-border transmission capacity allocation and procurement of ancillary services.

Klančnik serves as a member of various international bodies: the ENTSO-E General Assembly, CORE HLM, NBI SC, TSCNET, etc.

For iEnergy he provided input on Grid stability.

Darko Kramar
Darko Kramar
Assistant Director, TSO Division, ELES, d.o.o.

Darko Kramar is an expert on power system operation and electricity markets, and a member of staff at ELES, d.o.o., the Slovenian TSO for electricity.

At ELES, Kramar's responsibilities include the stability of the power system, ancillary services, cross-border transmission capacity, and power system balancing. He represents ELES in the ENTSO-E Operational Steering Committee, and serves as the deputy coordinator of the international development project FutureFlow.

For iEnergy he provided input on Grid stability.

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