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Advanced grid-scale energy storage


Project name


Sincro GRIDS sofinanciranjem Evropske unije - Instrument za povezovanje Evrope


Sincro.Grid is a smart grids investment project of common EU interest under development in Slovenia and Croatia. One of the main goals of the project is to create conditions that provide for efficient integration of distributed renewable power generation sources in the transmission and distribution systems of Croatia and Slovenia.

As part of the project, battery energy storage systems with a total capacity of 10 MW will be installed in various locations across Slovenia. This is enough to meet about 15% of the domestic demand for the forms of flexibility with the fastest response times.

Storage systems will use battery cells with a lifetime of up to 20 years, similar to those that are already used in computers and smart phones. Rather than a research prototype, this is a mature, commercially available technology.

Main challenge

The main challenge of implementing grid-scale energy storage is not its technological development or physical installation, it is the management of data and algorithms that optimise the charging and discharging processes.

The volume of energy stored in the system at a given point in time and the charging/discharging rate matter. This affects the efficiency and life of the system.

Another challenge is what other services the energy storage system can offer, both to energy consumers and to enhance the stability of the grid.

Benefits to consumers

The main benefits include the security and quality of power supply.

The results of the Sincro.Grid project obtained by means of grid-scale energy storage tests and storage operation data management tests will have a positive impact on the future development of small-scale storage systems used by consumers.

Project partners

ELES and SODO (Slovenia), HOPS and HEP ODS (Croatia).

More information about the project: Eles and Sincro.Grid

The subsection Storage: Advanced grid-scale energy storage was created in collaboration with:
Uroš  Salobir
Uroš Salobir
Strategic Innovation Director, Eles d.o.o.

Uroš Salobir, Strategic Innovation Director, Eles d.o.o.

At Eles, Uroš Salobir is the director of Strategic Innovation, a division established to step up the development and implementation of innovation projects and harmonise them with the company’s key strategic goals. 
Salobir has experience in power system operation, electricity markets, and national- and international-level coordination of infrastructure and technical information systems.

For iEnergy he provided input on Advanced grid-scale energy storage.

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